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Direct Seeding Primer

Direct Seeding is a fast and easy way to plant, but can be oh so frustrating to make sure you have the right seeder for your farm and soil type, calibrate it right so you aren’t wasting seed and spending hours thinning, and planting properly so you are not overwhelmed with weeds.


In this 8 lesson Direct Seeding Primer, we cover 5 main areas:


  1. an overview of the different types of seeders out there for small farmers and which one is right for your farm system, soil type and crop mix
  2. best practices for preparing beds and then building an effective seeding process that gets you home early confident that your crops are seeded right
  3. deep dives into 4 different seeders (4 row, 6 row, Earthway and Jang) and the intricacies of using and calibrating each one.(We are working on adding both the Planet JR style and hoss seeders as well)
  4. seed calculators to help you know exactly how to adjust your seeder to give you the stand you want.  Just enter in the number and it will kick out what you stand will be! 
  5. A walkthrough of seed math, a tutorial on if multi-row seeders are for you, and additional resources to help you succeed with direct seeding!

There is life after thinning… or tilling under yet another spotty bed of crops. The key is to find the right seeder, set it up properly, calibrate it well, and watch a beautiful bed spring forth! Grab the primer and start learning now!

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Of course, this comes with a 14 day, money back guarantee. Just let us know this wasn't for you and we'll happily refund your money.